End of the Street

The Story of Rupert Murdoch’s Coup Against the British Press

The End of the Street tells the inside story of the most historic upheaval in the British press and trade union movement for over a century – the true story of Rupert Murdoch, his coup against the unions and the Fleet Street revolution. In the course of a single year, the war for Fleet Street was fought and won. With military-style planning and precision, Rupert Murdoch and his lieutenants out manoeuvred the unions, annihilated practices and traditions that had for decades been the pride of the unions and the bane of the proprietors, and sacked thousands of workers who had believed themselves indispensable and invulnerable.

Linda Melvern’s second book, “The End of the Street”, was published in London, in 1986, (Methuen) and it exposed the secret planning by Rupert Murdoch to destroy the strangle-hold of the British print unions. The book was given prime time television advertising and was the subject of a major serialization in The Times. But this book is more than the mere record of industrial relations in chaos; it is a gripping story of drama, tragedy, conspiracy and even fame.


Eric Hammond

General Secretary EETPU.

Perhaps there was a plot; but I tell you unequivocally that we had no part of it, no knowledge of it.”

Paul Foot

The Journalist.

Someone had to tell the Wapping story quickly, and there was no one better suited for the job than Linda Melvern. She was trained and moulded on newspapers before the Return of the Proprietors, and the consequent collapse of journalistic standards”.

Philip Basset

Financial Times.

an extraordinary canvass…..her material, deeply detailed, fully documented …on how the company established the Wapping operation. Whatever the outcome of the dispute, it is unlikely that a better account will need to be written of it… Melvern’s story is gripping, highly dramatic… It is above all a reporters book, telling the tale…

Claire Tomalin

Former Literary Editor, Sunday Times, to Andrew Neil.

You have become the mouthpiece for a ruthless and bullying management which regards all employees as cattle.

The Belfast Telegraph

as gripping as any piece of fiction.

Bruce Matthews

Managing Director, News International.

If you go to a casino and play the numbers game, as they did, and you lose, you don’t go back to the casino the next day and ask for your money back.

Rupert Murdoch

Bloody exciting ain’t it? Bloody exciting.

Tony Dubbins

General Secretary, NGA.

We had given him an olive branch and he’d broken it in two and beaten us round the head with it.