Linda Melvern’s new book exposes patterns of Genocide denial

By James Karuhanga, The New Times

British journalist Linda Melvern who last April told The New Times that Genocide denial is everywhere and has to be challenged has published a new book on how masterminds of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and their supporters continue to deny the atrocities.

Speaking about her latest book, titled ‘Intent to Deceive: Denying the Rwandan Genocide’, Melvern told  Sky News, a British television news channel, that 25 years after the Genocide, the core group of those who organised, paid for and perpetrated the killings remains determined to continue that crime.

“There is a considerable number of Hutu power ideologues who are determined to continue that crime and denial is part of genocide. So, the crime continues with that,” she said earlier this week.

She added: “They have mounted an information war against the current government. They have tried to persuade the world with their disinformation, fake news that the victims, the Tutsi, brought the catastrophe upon themselves.

“They’ve tried to persuade the world that we have a death toll that wasn’t actually a million and there is some research that claims that more Hutu died than Tutsi. This is pure denial.”

Asked if there was any evidence that Genocide deniers were succeeding, she said they are citing a 2014 BBC documentary “which produced figures from two American Genocide deniers.”

The BBC programme in question, Rwanda: The Untold Story, was broadcast on October 1, 2014 sparking outrage from survivors and scholars, including British author Andrew Wallis, who questioned the ethics of the BBC programme makers.

At the time, 38 international researchers and historians expressed grave concern at the content of the documentary Rwanda’s Untold Story, specifically its coverage of the 1994 Genocide.